How Revelation Revealed came about

I want to give you a little background on how this book came about. Like you, I have for years heard that we were all going to be raptured out of here before, during, or following Messiah’s return. I had heard all the doom and gloom that was coming. I had heard about the Great Tribulation. I had heard about the antichrist and the rebuilding of the third temple. But I put all that on the back burner, because I was homeschooling my own kids, and I needed to learn some basic history in order to teach it to them.

I like to say that learning history ruined me LOL. The children and I were reading aloud from H. A. Guerber’s Norse Mythology as part of our Middle Ages history study one day, and discovered that the Saxon fertility goddess Eastre (from the Norse Ostara, the so-called queen of heaven, from whence the English word “star” derives) was celebrated every spring with bunnies and eggs, as her special emblems. She was also always found in company with storks – for when the storks return in the spring to their nests on the rooftops of Scandinavia, they bring the blessing of babies with them. Now you know where the old adage of the storks delivering the babies comes from.

All of us looked up at the same moment and stared at each other, with horror in our eyes, thinking back to all of the Easter baskets we had hidden filled with chocolate bunnies and eggs. We were appalled to learn that we had been unwittingly participating in traditions with deep and firm roots in idolatry, in opposition to the Lord’s commandment! Needless to say we never celebrated another Easter.

Shortly after this Nothing New Press was born, largely from a desire to put Guerber’s hard to find (at that time) histories into the hands of homeschoolers. Then the Spirit began to open my eyes to understand the true history from Genesis that I was so devoted to, in opposition to the contaminated and false history most commonly taught as true history to school children, even homeschoolers! I had published Classical Christian Homeschooling, advocating the true biblical history from Genesis, at the same time other homeschooling guides appeared which promoted evolutionary history for Christian homeschoolers. I had many conversations with various curriculum authors, trying to explain the importance of truth in our biblical worldview informing all our academic subjects across the board, for otherwise the tools of learning do our children no good, if we begin from a place of error. To no avail.

As I sought God on why it was so hard for otherwise well-meaning Christians to believe His historical statements as true, when they steadfastly cling to the truth of His spiritual statements, He began to show me that the Tower of Babel rebellion was the pivotal event in history to turn men from God, just as the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ was the pivotal event in history to turn men to God. Babel, the Hebrew name, is Babylon, the exact same name in Greek. And on Babel / Babylon God pours out His wrath at the end of the age.

I began to see that the false beliefs in the Church concerning our ancient history were contributing to false beliefs in the Church concerning our end-time theology – for as Babel is intrinsically tied to Babylon, that past rebellion is intrinsically tied to its future judgment, and Genesis is intrinsically tied to Revelation.

I began to see that nearly everything I had been taught about the end times was wrong, because most end time teachers begin with one or both of two errors which skews everything else. Either they discard the true history recorded in Genesis as false or at least unimportant, therefore they do not realize the significance the beginning plays in the things of the end, or they discard Torah as obsolete as most Christians do – Torah, the very book of history-prophecy that contains the keys that unlock the end!

The desire grew within me to say with the angel, “Come out, Come out of her My people!” As long as believers do not have the knowledge of our history, and remain unaware of the keys to prophecy embedded in Torah, they will read Revelation and the prophecy remains closed to them. It distressed me to see them tossed about by every preacher preaching doom, gloom, and judgment who comes along.

In fact, most of the prophecies of Revelation have already been fulfilled, and where we are in our time in history, is on the very cusp of the return of Jesus Christ to rule and reign. However, it is not the stuff of quaking fear that we have been led to believe – but a triumphant increase in victory upon victory for those who are truly His. FEAR NOT! Making decisions based in fear, rather than in knowledge and the surety of the Lord’s plans for His people, will lead to far greater disaster. Walk in joy, in freedom, in faith, and in victory – for you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!